How to build a home in St. Lucia while being away

How to build a home in St. Lucia while being away

It is a universal truth that home is where the heart is, so here’s How to build a home in St. Lucia while being away. However, amid the hustle and bustle of life, you may find yourself far from home; you may be stationed outside your country St. Lucia or unable to go back and forth as a Non Resident St Lucian.

This is especially true in light of the current epidemic, which has resulted in unprecedented travel restrictions. The issue then becomes if you can still realise  your ambition of building your dream home in St Lucia. The answer from GSD St. Lucia is a resounding and magnificent ‘Yes!’ As a house building firm in St Lucia, Caribbean, we are approached by a large number of clients who want their homes built in their country of birth despite the fact that they live in other parts of the world such as USA, the UK and Canada.

We are proud of our meticulously constructed services in terms of home construction in St Lucia, based on our considerable expertise in the sector and as one of the top house builders in Saint Lucia. No matter where you live, home construction should be a seamless, hassle-free, and satisfying process. Through our combined expertise and cutting-edge services, we at GSD St. Lucia are dedicated to providing you with this precious experience at flexible and moderate pricing.

GSD St. Lucia has devised a tailored, feature-rich solution to address the issues that arise with remote access for our Overseas clientele. This eliminates the risk of roadblocks, delays, and administrative headaches caused by your lack of physical presence in the country; it includes obtaining approvals from relevant local authorities such as DCA, conceptualising  the design and architecture, and monitoring construction and quality checks—basically, our highly competent in-house team taking on your concerns. Check out this page to discover more about why you should choose GSD St Lucia for your home building.

How GSD St. Lucia can assist you in constructing and securing your dream home:

Every step of the journey, you’ll be kept informed!

Our staff will keep you informed about all operations on-site, including construction updates, timetable management, progress reviews through video calls, and meetings with the construction manager.

For any approval-related work from the municipal authorities, you do not need to enable your actual presence in town. Our in-house team will take care of everything.

All clearances and collaboration with local authorities for our Overseas clients are handled and managed by GSD St Lucia’s competent and efficient in-house staff, which also handles and manages all operational activities, such as on-site coordination and development. As a result, our St Lucia house building firm will be ready to handle any back-end issues for you.

You may entrust us with any design issues, building plan approvals, water and electricity management, collaboration with local government offices (such as the DCA, Ministry of Health, Fire and Police, and Road Transportation), and other vital agencies that would otherwise need your presence in town. However, with GSD St. Lucia, one of the best house builders in St Lucia you won’t have to worry about this at all.

What’s more, the owners are not required to appoint any local stakeholder or trustworthy people to coordinate and complete the dream home on their behalf. We assume full responsibility for ensuring that all processes are completed effectively and on schedule as your trusted project managers and builders. We entirely eliminate the necessity for your actual presence in town by using several communication channels and round-the-clock cooperation.

You may work remotely with our architects and designers to finalise  and conceptualise  all designs and plans:

Regular weekly meetings with our architects through video and conference technologies create the way for a seamless building journey; this allows you to carve out significant and minute features of your house, spanning all areas of design- plumbing, carpentry, interior design, electrical fittings, and so on.

We believe in total transparency and established control of the client’s house projects as an ethical home construction business in St Lucia. The client is kept up to date on all aspects of the project, and our multi-channel communication enables for fine-tuning of each design step, including collaborative briefings, floor plan sharing, consistent feedback, revisions, and finalizations. Being a result, as the best house builder in St. Lucia, Caribbean , we leave no place for communication gaps or loopholes. This assures that the client’s physical absence on site will not cause any obstacles to the project’s completion (s).

Our Client Support Team manages seamless communication and ensures that all stakeholders, as well as our on-board senior management, have simple access to information. To ensure client satisfaction and expert services, our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer oversee all of our group communication.

By browsing through our selected catalogue series, you may personalize and finalize the materials and construction aspects utilized in your house; we present, and you choose!

Our modern collection of concepts and designs will provide you with a wide selection of alternatives and choices to suit your personal taste and requirements.

We provide hassle-free communication that is based on dedication and team participation. All updates, necessary information, and proposed solutions are delivered in accordance with the schedule. In addition, the client’s follow-up questions are promptly acknowledged and addressed.

This way of communication is also available to the customer in real time, depending on their availability (on package basis).

You can trust GSD St Lucia to provide you with only the highest quality materials and services, as well as a safe and secure home.

We take our work seriously and truly as a top house construction business in St Lucia. Across all stages of house construction and design, we adhere to a tight set of established quality standards and processes that correspond to current rules and ethical norms.

Our in-house expert team not only ensures that all architectural processes and schedules are followed to the letter, but they also conduct regular quality checks on-site throughout the construction process, including, but not limited to, electrical fittings, plumbing, fabrication, marble work, and woodwork.

Before the final handover step, our Warranty Team conducts independent quality checks of all projects. This rigorous standardisation  of processes and inspections guarantees that you will only receive the highest quality work from us. After all, our goal is to construct homes, not simply houses.

With GSD St. Lucia Homes, one of the best house builders in St.Lucia Caribbean, you can be certain of a positive experience thanks to a variety of our specialist services that provide an A to Z, personalised solution for Expatriate and foreign clients without the need for physical presence. You will be given the ability to completely customize your experience. Not only that, but the GSD St Lucia ’10-year structural warranty’ and our pledge of on-time delivery with realistic deadlines add to the dosage of excellence we desire to provide to all of our clients.

Look no further if you are Overseas looking for a house construction firm in St. Lucia. Please Contact Us and we would be pleased to assist you in your home-building endeavors!


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